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FANON: ( which is actually a meme I took from AJ. also, please note that the facts listed here were mostly made up by the mun )

EDIT; 3/15/10; now, after catching up to the series, i realize that i am psychic because most of what i wrote for fanon ended up coming true.

• eats too much.

• flowers say everything.

• probably ( slightly ) ADD.

• lies = truth = lies = truth.

• plans things ahead of time.

• everything is Shouichi's fault.

• has no problem faking niceties.

• with Byakuran, you never know.

• has an undeniable soft spot for Uni ( ?? )

• will give you a pet name even if you hate it.

• believes 80% of the Millefiore are expendable.

• is fickle, yes, but only within a shallow surface view.

• "I realize that I'm merely a 'CONSCIENCE' programmed into a game."

• will make trips from Italy to Japan just to have dinner with Shouichi.

• will never explain his feelings for a certain rose squad captain in exact terms

• makes Shouichi do all the paperwork because that's what subordinates are for.

• has a tendency to foot the bill for all long distance calls on either Glo Xinia or Shouichi.

• isn't on Xanax or any form of it, despite the fact that he's usually always in an eerily good mood.

• will piss you off by never gaining weight, even after eating 10 meals a day ( for four weeks straight )

• if he doesn't think much of you then he will forget your name even if you told it to him three seconds ago.

• can be pleasantly crude in a polite manner ( he calls it good manners/fine upbringing. we call it being an assface )

• is a horrible person depending on certain factors that will remain nameless, unless called upon to explain themselves in explicit terms.

• everything he does has a reason or ten behind it. it may not seem like it at the time, but those flowers he sent you might have been a trap.

• would be a j-rocker if it didn't impede on world domination obtaining phenomenal cosmic power, or at least whatever suited his current fancies.

• is really fickle. he thinks of power as an accessory for his entertainment. he will destroy the world, cause mass destruction or even kill as many people as possible all for the sake of his whims.

• decides to become a j-rocker anyway because life's short, he's bored, & he has a problem with doing actual work. sadly, he ends up quitting after five days. four, really, if you want to get specific.

• enemies always end up second-guessing themselves around Byakuran; this can be blamed on his attitude, or lack thereof. he likes to call it service with a smile; we like to call it a horrible way to die.

• thinks of humans as playthings, objects, scenery. they only exist for his entertainment; the world is a cage that he will eventually break free from because he thinks that he is a god; superior over others.

• likes to be entertained, & honestly has no problem being a patient little fuck about it. he'll wait weeks, maybe even months, for a particular form of amusement to appear, but only if it fits in with his plans ( ex. mukuro )

• is like the hulk in a way; don't make him angry, you wouldn't like him when he's angry. ( however, anger isn't quite the dictionary definition for this. as far as we know, byakuran gets dangerously amused rather than angry )

• can be lenient, as well as forgiving, depending on who, when, where, & how he's feeling. it's about whims, people. it's always about whims & whether or not killing you won't interfere with whatever plans he has in his pockets.

• acts like he knows everything, which he probably does, while maintaining a blasé public face. & by everything, i mean everything he needs to know concerning whatever catches his interest or pertains to his wacky, take-over-the-world schemes.

• likes playing with the communications section located in every Millefiore base. one day, an officer from the rose squad might find that a message was sent to his mother proclaiming things like the end of the world, or something along the lines of coming out of the closet. again, with Byakuran, you never know.

• tbc


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