The How's My Driving? P.1 Meme

The How's My Driving? P.2 Meme

The How's My Driving? Meme

[ P.S. ] O yeah, & if you're not in [ profile] campfuckudie then could you please defriend this journal? I know I have a ton of you from [ profile] polychromatic still friending me & it kind of bothers me because it's like woaaaah over 100 people friending Byakubutt for absolutely no reason @ all, whyyyyy? I mean, if you're a friend of mine, then it's fine if you keep it friended. But if you're not then, like, please defriend this journal asap? Thank you.

[ P.P.S. ] 'cause you didn't defriend after three days; I just banned the lot of you @ pc characters. No hard feelings, k? K.


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