CHARACTER: Byakuran (Gesso)
SERIES: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
JOB: Trauma Counselor

CANON: Byakuran first appears in the future arc of Katekyo Hitman Reborn!. Alongside the girl!child Ipheion Uniflorum (Uni-chan), he leads the Millefiore Famiglia, which is a merge of two mafia famiglias called the Gesso and the Giglio Nero. Currently, due to this merge, he is considered to be on the brink of something we like to call world domination. Also, it's said that Byakuran is the one who orders the 'killing sweep' which is the absolute annihilation of the Vongola family, as well as anyone affiliated with them (no matter how minor the affiliation is). However, even with the ruthless reputation Byakuran's acquired, he's as informal as possible, while still maintaining an air of eye-scarring conventionality.This can be seen in his particular habit of giving pet nicknames to his subordinates. He also insists on being called 'just Byakuran' without the additional –sama and likes to send Shou-chan people messages via flowers.

Between eating marshmallows and making plans to obtain phenomenal cosmic power, he likes to make random surprise calls to one Shouichi Irie. It's almost as if everything is one giant joke to him, but the congenial act is a half-truth because underneath that winsome smile he's as calculating as they come and is patient enough to allow situations to bloom accordingly (in regards to entertainment value). And with just four easy payments of $29.95 he'll come complete with ridiculously spiky white hair that may or may not be used as a weapon against any or all that oppose his therapeutic help.

Ah, it appears I'm early. Well, I suppose it's fine to do it this way. Hello, I'll be your new trauma counselor. I find that the informal approach helps to form closer relationships and I'd like very much to be close to any and all of my patients. So, please, refer to me as Bya-kun. No, really, Bya-kun is fine~♪

Oh? It appears my first patient is here. It's a pleasu-- ah, I'll have to ask that you refrain from attempting to gnaw my arm off; the uniform is dry-clean only. I'm sure you understand, yes? Uni-chan would be upset, too, to learn that I allowed a stranger to be so forward with me, but I do commend you on your hands on approach. However, I'll have to insist that you take a seat; I can't derive any amusement from this situation if you don't cooperate. Yes, that's better; I see you're finally beginning to understand just how much I want to help. Now, shall we begin ♥? I suppose your jaw falling off is as close to a 'yes' as I can get. Though, I must say it does nothing for your complexion. Now, now, don't make that face. Here, have a marshmallow; they're good for you. Now, while you chew on that, I'll start off with a series of questions. The first being: Your name?

Now when you say 'Augsadsfd brains,' do you mean to say that brains is your first or last name? Ah, neither? Then, instead, I'll call you Begonia-kun. After the flower, of course. Now Begonia-kun, what sort of trauma are you here for? . . . Could you say that again? I believe I wasn't paying attention. I apologize, I have a habit of doing that at times. My subordinate, Shou-chan, finds it rather frustrating to deal with, but I assure you it's one of the major points of my charm. I can also be quite dashing when the situation calls for it, but enough about me; this session is for yo- yes, I'm well aware that my hair breaks quite a number of safety laws, but please stop attempting to impale yourself on it. Really, if you continue to do this I'm afraid I'll have to label you as suicidal and we wouldn't want that, now would we?

Oh? It seems we do. Which is actually quite bothersome. After all, I came here to be entertained. To help, of course, by providing understanding as well as a shoulder to cry on, but it's impossible with a patient as stubborn as you. Hm, I suppose I should dismiss you on the account of your unwillingness to work well with others, but I doubt there's any harm in keeping you as a subordinate? Provided that you prove yourself worthy, of course. Perhaps by bringing me a bouquet of . . . flowers? Bear in mind that I prefer them nubile and young.

If you're in favor of this decision, please rot at your own pace.

I see. I'm glad you agree. Let's get along now, shall we~♪?

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