[ Age ] 25

[ Height ] starbucks venti ( No, I actually don't know )

[ Weight ] skinny like a stick

[ Medical Info ] OVEREATS BECAUSE HE CAN, but otherwise pret. damn healthy for a mafioso boss that likes to indulge in dumpling noodles, ice-cream sundaes & marshmallows.

[ Eyes ] a lovely violet

[ Hair ] old man white/gray

[ Physical traits ] An assho-- I mean, human. With additional properties of flower power gay.

[ What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her ] Anything & everything. Esp. things that might entertain him.

[ Abilities ] Due to Shoichi traveling to the Future and meeting two versions of Byakuran, Byakuran is mentally connected to every other Byakuran living in the separate parallel universes. This knowledge is utilized as a battle advantage: the Real Six Funeral Wreaths know about the techniques of the enemies he fought in these worlds. However, Byakuran becomes greatly weakened and needs a day to recover after using this ability. It is also mentioned by Yuni that Byakuran's powers are growing weaker over time.

* Sky Mare Ring: Granted to Byakuran due to his ability to see into parallel worlds. Byakuran is capable of firing bolts of energy from the Ring and has several White Dragons that appear to grow from it, to aid him when fighting.
* Ghost: Ghost has the Ability to drain the Dying Will Flames of all those who are close by. However, he is also a version of Byakuran brought from another parallel world. As such, Byakuran can steal any Dying Will Flames Ghost absorbs and make them his own, greatly increasing his speed, stamina, and attack power.

Byakuran's Wings

* Wings: Byakuran's scars on his back have been revealed to be space for him to grow a set of White Wings made of Dying Will Flames (however, these are possibly only for appearance's sake, as he already has Flame Boots). They also seem to be a result of looking into parallel worlds. Once torn off they grow back as a black pair capable of morphing into claws. Byakuran's final attack can be compared to Tsuna's X-Burner, only with black Flames.

Byakuran's White Applause
However, Byakuran grows roots from his back to support him during this attack instead of using a Flame "cushion."
* White Dragon: The White Dragon is Byakuran's Box Weapon. It was made with the highly advanced technology of the Millefiore Famiglia and is exclusively for him.
* White Applause: Byakuran can negate any attack by clapping his hands. This attack requires a certain degree of power to match the opponent's attack, however, as Byakuran's palms were injured when he tried to negate Tsuna's more powerful Burning Axel.
* White Finger: Byakuran simply focuses Sky Flames from his ring and launches a powerful shockwave type attack that blasts his opponent with tremendous fource.
* Transparent Giant Hand: Byakuran is able to create a giant hand which is linked to his own, to capture the enemy from a distance.
* Black Flame Attack: Byakuran black has roots shoot out from his feet and plant themselves on the ground in order to stabalize him. Next Byakuran concentrates Black Flames from his hand which rotate at an extremely high speed and then releases them as a blast.

[ Notes for the Psychics ] Man, I feel sorry for anyone that reads Byakuran's mind because most of the time he's thinking about food, obtaining phenomenal cosmic power, killing your family, Shou-chan, sending messages via flower language & marshmallows. There's also the fact that he's a cheery kind of asshole that doesn't give one whit if he kills you before lunch or after.

[ Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc? ] Dude, go ahead.

[ Maim/Murder/Death ] Maiming is fine, murder & death are a no go.

[ Cooking ] The most cooking he'll ever do is order take-out, but he's A-OK with the idea of other people cooking for him. This is because he likes to think he has a bottomless pit for a stomach. [ Spoilers ]: He doesn't.


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