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[ The person who plays this character is gay •

The journal itself is an RP journal for Byakuran from Katekyo Hitman Reborn @ [info]campfuckudie

Most bases were made by [info]byakuran; plz to be asking @ using them instead of stealing them • ]

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, black spell, bya-kun & uni-chan =  bff4eva, byakuran, choice, dumpling noodles, dying is okay~♪, entertain me more, food. lots of food, fufufu, games, gesso, ghost, giglio nero, i am a god, inside my body!!!, ipheion uniflorum, it's always shou-chan's fault, katekyo hitman reborn, mare rings, marshmallows, millefiore, millefiore's six funeral wreaths, mukuro's 5 star hell rings, parallel worlds, reality is a game, sea, shou-chan, sky filled with desire, sky mare, sky mare ring, trinisette, vongola rings, white applause, white dragon, white orchid, white spell
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